Latest Facility ~ FNH S12
We have moved into our lovely bungalow located within the vicinity of University Hospital. 'Vast & Green' are the main focus for this new home. Set on elevated grounds and surrounded by lush trees, FNH S12 offers clean & fresh air to our residents
16th Sep 2015: We are ready!
16th Sep 2015: Basking & Power Napping
The Garden @ FNH S12

We cannot wait to pretty up our garden and our gardener just cannot wait to start our 'vegetable patch'. He promises that we will be able to start picking Long Beans, Brinjals, Sawi, Bittergourd, Chilies and lots more! He is very ambitious and we will rally him on for if he succeeds, everyone gets Organic Vegetables for dinner! 
10th Sep 2015: Mini Mango Trees are in placed

12th Sep 2015: We need some planters here
 The Dining Hall @ FNH S12

 Happiness @ FNH S12

The Rooms @ FNH S12 
12th Sep 2015: Our rooms are painted with a cool & calming Apple Green shade

 Please come back to this page for timely updates on our new home.